Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Survey of World History: C. D. Darlington's Evolution of Man and Society

[ Originally written and posted on MySpace in 2009 ]
C. D. Darlington's The Evolution of Man and Society (1969), although it is longer (at 752 pages) and more demanding reading than Carroll Quiqley's The Evolution of Civilizations, offers more insights into the dynamics of world history.  Darlington is aware of racial and ethnic factors, and takes a more biological approach to historical questions. 

Darlington finds it significant that Karl Marx was a Jew of rabbinical ancestry.  He thusly summarizes Marx's role as an alienated critic of Western civilization:

" For Karl Marx's dream of revolution to be realized a society was wanted different from any he knew.  It had to be a society with a negligible middle class.  For although Marx himself belonged to the educated professional class, and although he had lived for forty years in England where beyond all previous experience that class was growing up, he found no place for them in his scheme of things.  They had ignored him: he intended to ignore them.  Again, it had to have a proletariat reduced to such despair as even Marx and Engels had not seen in their youth in England.  Such a society was not to be found during Marx's lifetime; but in the despised Tartarized Russia, after the sufferings of war in 1905 and again in 1917, it did recognizably exist. "

The revolution found an appropriate leader in Lenin.  Darlington gives Lenin's genealogy, which reveals that Lenin was 1/4 Jewish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Russian, and 1/4 Kalmuck Tartar.  Lenin was almost as racially alienated from Russia as Marx was from Western Europe.  Perhaps Lenin owed some of his administrative skills to his German ancestry, his ideological combativeness to his Jewish ancestry, what empathy he had with Russians to his Russian ancestry.  His mongoloid ancestry further alienated him from the Russians as did his Jewish ancestry.  Lenin had a mongoloid countenance, but in the statues and portraits of Lenin speaking, gesticulating, perhaps something of Jewry is evident.

As the real America diminishes, both demographically and geographically, as it gives way to a coming Third World America, that Third World America has found an appropriate leader, as alien to the real America as Lenin was to Russia.  Moreover, the American middle class, founded on earners of mid-level incomes, has begun to shrink in its extent.  The policy of exporting jobs (globalization) and importing workers (mass immigration) began a process which the economic debacle is accelerating.  In a different way, Marx is winning in America.  The Marxism involved, though, is more cultural than economic.  (Even the ruling stratum of China openly employs the mechanism of capitalism.)  Only in the USA does cultural Marxism combine with the destructive force of (finance) capitalism in crisis to yield a slow destruction of the real America.

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